Top Fashion Trends of 2021

Did you know, History repeats itself, especially in Fashion. It’s always fun to see trends which first appeared decades ago make blindsiding comebacks onto the streets. With everyone from big name celebs to prosaic people sporting styles which were once donned by or parents in their day and age The Fashion Cycle has repeated itself. The average time it takes for a certain trend to come back in fashion is generally 20-30 years. Researchers say that it happens because designers look to fill that generation gap by constantly taking inspiration from what their parents used to wear once. What’s better than Mum’s closet!

So let’s take a look at trends which are completely scintillating the current fashion scene.

Oversized – The New Fit
The lockdown, among other things has taught us to prioritize comfort over anything else and forcing us to choose the oversized aesthetic and scrap those skin hugging clobber. From Jackets, T shirts, Pullovers to baggy Jeans and Trousers. Men and Women all over the globe are nailing the outsized attire with ease. Oversized is the keyword, Not to be mistaken with Overladen, you’ll only look homeless otherwise!

Pastels – Pop & Block – Brights
“Stranger Things” fans already know what I am talking about. Soft Sorbet Hues, designers looking at ice cream shops for inspiration, scrunchies and suspenders making appearances again. The Hubba Bubba Pink – a hit which always goes Pop! But what got the ramp going this year was the clash of rainbow brights, bringing classic suiting and romance ruffles into 2021.

The Monochrome “Matrix”
Ya’ll remember Keanu Reeves in his floor grazing trenches, combat boots and tiny sunglasses. No? Doesn’t ring a bell? Bobby Deol from Gupt….? Yaaa…. Now you get it. Look around, the trend is back peeps just with a slight rework. See, monochrome was not solely about wearing black, it was synonymous with white, grey or anything neutral. That’s changed, monochrome is not just limited to neutral now, the monochrome is bowling over the fashion police and getting hand on as many colors it can!!

Floral Redux
Almost akin to Spring, Renewal and Beauty. They may not be groundbreaking but the flowers are enough to bring back the retro vibe of the 70s. Men are wearing statement shirts and going gaga over them prints. Well these kind of designs never actually go out of fashion, it is only a question of whether or not you can pull it off!! #burn

The Chunk Chunk Sneakers
They single handedly bring down the meaning of the word “Sneakers”. But how could’ve we missed the elephant in the room (pun intended!). “Dad Shoes” as they’re calling these, are the larger, retro styled chunky sneakers which are becoming a must have for everyone. Well…. People have mixed opinions about them, some want their shoes to be sleek and subtle while others want the large and loud kicks. Big brands like Adidas, Reebok and Yeezee were quick to pick up the trend and rolled out modern renditions of their classic old school designs which obviously were an instant hit.

Now all these epic OG trends can keep going on and on and on. These were only the few top trends of the year, there are many more which have practically taken the fashion industry by a storm. Here come some Honorable Mentions,

Boiler Suits
Puff Sleeves
Relaxed Tailored Suits from the 80s
Utility Pants/Jackets
And and and, the most consequential of all,
Designer Face Masks say whaaaaa yup! Anything can become a trend overnight, anything. Honestly, I won’t be surprised if I see Kim Kardashian wearing exactly the same clothes that you are wearing right now! strange world peeps


Vansh Dhama

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