How comfort became the biggest COVID fashion trend!

The pandemic has disrupted each and every industrial sector, and the fashion industry is no exception. Having gone through many layers of changes, people are navigating their personal style while keeping comfort in mind now. Allow me to elaborate –

From dressing early morning in the best of your attires to rush to office in presentable outfits to sporting a comfortable laid-back look while Work From Home (WFH) becomes the norm. And you like it or not, but this change is here to stay. The pandemic has transformed consumer’s relationship with clothes. For firsts, we are buying fewer clothes. The Fashion Industry revenues are expected to drop by a third this year. That is a whopping 640 billion US dollars loss in sales and even if we do shop, we buy the most casual clothes we can find like pyjamas, lounge-wear and sweatpants. Fun Fact – Purchases of sweats increased by 80% in April and Google searches for the same hit a 14 year high.

And this is not the first time something like this is happening. Let me take you back to 1947, World War had just ended, economy was on it’s knees, struggling. So, women ditched their regular dresses, corsets and gowns and started wearing jeans and overalls because they had to take over men’s jobs to provide for their families and to help their partners. The world saw a shift in the fashion trend then. So what I am saying is that the pandemic has resulted in a slight shift in consumer preferences when it comes to Fashion. It has opened new avenues, niche categories, co-ords and what not. Here are some examples,

WFH Fashion, the sales for formal and party appropriate clothes are seeing a momentary dip while products such as athleisure, comfort wear and sportswear are becoming favourites among the millennials.

Dopamine Dressing, quirky name, while most trends are leaning towards comfort, “Feel Good” clothing in vibrant hues like neons, bright solids, Tie and Dye styles have no less of a traffic.

The Anti-Fits, sizing up is the new fad rather than sizing down. But the key to wearing an oversized garment is to wear it right. The “Anti-Fits” can look just as chic and smart as your regular ones only if you pull them off right.

So the thing is, while we adjust to the “New Normal” home wear trends are a thing to keep in mind. From dressing in a comfortable camisole to slaying it in a co-ord set. From comfy hoodies to relaxed holiday shirts. You can be at your fashionable best even when you are not stepping out of the house. And even if you have step out to get the groceries, you’ll slay it even then. So, Stay Safe! Stay Home! Ciao.

Vansh Dhama

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